Wave Power By: Madison Haynes and bailey puzo

Wave power works because the wind will blow across the SURFACE of the body of water. In a swimming pool, air is blown in and out of a chamber beside the pool which makes the water bob up and down causing waves.


wave power is renewable which means that the resources needed will never run out. Wave power is capable of high efficiency in ideal conditions. no waste is produced so it is very good for the environment.


on the other hand, improperly placed wave power plants can damage the marine ecosystem. EFFICIENCY drops significantly in rough weather due to safety. sometimes in the process you get almost no energy.

Although there is a lot of energy in waves, the process of getting it is the problem.

Wave energy can be considered as a form of stored wind energy and this is because waves are produced from the winds which blow over the sea. Wind in its turn is produced from the Sun energy which heats the atmosphere. Wave energy is a renewable green energy source. It is clean and green, The first idea about wave technologies and the exploitation of waves was patented in 1799 in France by Girard and son. Wave energy can be captured at 3 different locations in the sea: nearshore, offshore and far offshore. Wave energy can be captured either at the surface of the sea from waves or lower in the sea from the pressure changes. Some areas of the world are more suitable for wave energy than others. Most of the waves that are captured in the sea a progressive wind waves since they are generated by winds.

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