The Baby Boom By nikita Bolduc

What Are Baby Boomers?

The Baby Boomers are anyone who was born between:

What happened?

People saw that life after WWII was prospering and they were hopeful for a bright future. Therefore, they decided this would be a great time to start big families like they did before the war. The birth rate in Canada skyrocketed to almost as high as it was before the war in a matter of a couple years.

This is my grandma's family (present time). All the people standing are her siblings, including her who is standing third to the left, and the two who aren't standing at the top are her parents (my great-grandparents). She and her siblings are all Baby Boomers.

Were there any problems with the birth rate?

Yes. There was a shortage of teachers across Canada because there were so many kids enrolling in schools compared to during before and during the war, and the classrooms were getting too full. This meant there had to be more classrooms made, but there wasn't enough teachers to teach those new classrooms.

This was the average classroom in 1959.

Were there any benefits of the baby boom?

Several companies benefitted from the Baby Boom including life insurance companies, hospitals, and toy companies. Thanks to the dramatic increase in population, hospitals had many more cases to take care of. Life insurance companies benefitted because of the past where kids didn't exactly have the opportunity to have an education because they had to work for money, so they made it possible for families to pay them and their kids to get education no matter what happens. In other words, they promised parents that their child(ren) would have a brighter future than they did.

Even after the Baby Boom there were still a lot of kids, so toy companies took advantage and started making new toys.

This image shows the births per year in Canada during the Baby Boom.
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