Family Classe prima - scuola primaria di Rettorgole

She is a mum. She is pregnant.

We can say: mum, mummy or mom, mommy.

Listen a song for Mother's day: Hugs and kisses song.

He is a dad with a baby.

We can say: dad or daddy.

Listen a song: My daddy is the best!

He is a grandad. He has got a dove.

She is a grandma. She has got a funny hat.

Listen this song.

They are a sister and a brother.

Love your family!


Created with images by Jude Beck - "Family silhouette at sunset" • Laura Fuhrman - "Becky is one of my besties from college. I got the opportunity to take photos of her precious family. This photo was taken in the woods, and I wanted to capture the stunning beauty of her as a mama to be." • Kelly Sikkema - "untitled image" • Zach Rowlandson - "Grandad Alf" • Alex Harvey 🤙🏻 - "untitled image" • Johnny Cohen - "GRANDPA'S ARMS" • Christian Bowen - "Grandparents enjoying the view at the grandsons wedding" • maskedemann - "untitled image" • Dmitry Vechorko - "untitled image" • Madalyn Cox - "untitled image" • Humphrey Muleba - "instagram @good.citizen" • Paolo Bendandi - "untitled image" • Austin Nicomedez - "untitled image" • Thomas Summer - "Here is a proud old couple,that requested their photo to be taken for the grand children to see them together" • Kevin Gent - "Walking in the Park" • Anna Pritchard - "untitled image" • Kelly Sikkema - "untitled image" • John-Mark Smith - "They just wanted to have a cute family photoshoot, so we went to the forest… and, well, they are so cute, that I don’t have words to describe it" • Alexander Dummer - "Time together on the couch" • loly galina - "untitled image" • Jessica Rockowitz - "Family Session in Texas Hill Country" • Timon Studler - "untitled image" • Sebastián León Prado - "friends" • Picsea - "Story Time with Daddy" • Liv Bruce - "untitled image"