SILLY STEVEN By: Esperanza

Silly Steven

Steven the elf believes that he was brought to the North Pole to become the most important person in the factory, even more important than santa. But Steven isn’t the brightest light bulb, or the prettiest flower in the batch… or the- “Ok, Ok… We get it! I’m not the best at most things.” Said Steven. But Steven is very important. He makes sure that all of the presents get on Santa's slay. He counts all the presents and lets Santa know if anything is missing. But there's always one problem. Steven works very hard but he's never recognized for his big role on Christmas.

Every year Santa gives out an award to the hardest most important elf… But Steven never wins. Steven wants to make that change and wants to be recognized as the strongest, most brave, tallest elf there is to ever step foot on this snow. But Steven is just a three foot tall elf, with no muscles at all. And gets very scared whenever he sees even a drawing of the Grinch. “Umm, that is not true… I'm a very tough elf and do NOT get scared of that Gr- … umm Gri- Gri-... Gr-...” You can’t even say his name, can you? “Fine… But he's not scary, he's just a green old-…” Steven turns around as he's talking and see a plastic figure of the Grinch, “ AHH MAMA! Help he's back!” Screams Steven.

“I will win that award, you'll see, I just have to have a word with him.” He says. He goes and walks to the front of Santa's closed office door. He knocks on the door two times… then again… nothing. Just as he's about to knock a fourth time the door swings open. (BOOM) Elf gets knocked over. “Did someone say something?” Says Santa. “Uhhh… ouch. Umm I-” “What are you doing sitting on the floor, you have work to do! Get going Jim!” Interrupts Santa. “I'm not Jim… I'm St-” But before Steven could finish Santa was gone in his office getting ready for the next day. Steven frowns then looked at the floor then at the narrator. “Hey! Can't you see I'm having a moment?” Says Steven.

Steven know that Santa is hiding something in his office, and he wants to expose him. Steven has seen some spooky things happen to Santa, for instance he has seen Santa in his office, and when an employee (elf) knocks on the door, the same thing always happens; he opens his vault and closes it shut before he opens the door, and covers up the view as if he's hiding something. No employee has ever been in Santa's office, well except for Jude, but only because he's constantly getting in trouble. Everyone is always asking Jude “What did you see?!”, “DID HE HURT YOU?!” or “What is in the vault?”

The 24th is finally here, and all the elfs are getting ready for the big night. Steven on the other hand has already done all of his work, trying to get on Santa's good side. Steven is just sitting in his small little chair watching everyone hustle and hurry. He sees Santa coming his way. “ He can't know I'm just sitting here! I must do something quick!” Says Steven in his head. He pretends he's counting a group of boxes and then says “Done, everything's clear.” Once Santa comes to check on him. “Wow, you finished that batch that quickly? I'm impressed… but not impressed by the fact that there's still three more batches you haven't completed yet.” He says “ I guess I'll have to discipline you.” “NO! NO! NO! I can complete it quick!” Says Steven. “In one hour?” Asks Santa. “ I don't think so…” “No please I can! I can do it!” Says Steven.

Steven is working very hard, he's running fast, faster than any machine in the factory. But the bell strikes ten pm before Steven is even close than done. Santa comes over at Stevens workplace and looks at all the empty check mark boxes on Stevens paper. Steven is tired, to tired to realize that no one is at the factory anymore. Everyone is gone… “ Where is everyone? Don't they know it's Christmas tomorrow?!” “No you silly! It's the 24th of November!” Said Santa. “Hahahaha.” “So I worked really hard today for nothing…..?” Says Steven. “Well Jim, you're lucky you don't have any work for a couple of days, i'll tell Steven to do all of your shifts.” Says Santa. “After all Steven has had a couple of days off.”

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