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Today, (3/14/17), I'm "blogging" about what I did in class last time. However as I wasn't here (3/10/17) I have nothing to talk about. I will go back to March 8th where we started on pop art. We, the students, were to choose one of the artists that Ms.McCall chose for us to write about. I chose Takashi Murakami a pop artist from Japan. We did sketches similar to the artist we choose.

(3/20/17), We did sketches and continued to work on our problems

(3/22/17), we started working on our covers for the pop-art books using the sketches we did. I chose Murakami and did a weird/creepy stalker vibe for mine.

(3/24/17), It is the beginning of class and we are about to start finishing up our covers. yay, not. *dead stare from being in class* *crickets* however we are about to begin on the inside of the pop art book

(3/29/17) We are now working on the inside of the pop art book with two of the three designs we drew.

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