Catapult Caleb, JAke, mason


Design Process...

Final Product...



Y=-0.001394331 (0-10.645)2+5.58

Initial Questions

  1. Is your catapult launching consistently every time?
  2. What can you change to make the launch consistent?
  3. What revisions can you make to your catapult to get a launch that goes farther?
  4. Where do you need to place your target to hit bulls eye every time?

Answers to Initial Questions...

  1. Almost all the time, had to make a couple of adjustment to get it better.
  2. Putting in a quick release launch system, so we can make our catapult accurate as possible, as well as putting the bungee cords in the same place every time.
  3. Replacing where we put the location of the bungee cord and the launch bar.
  4. 21 ft. Most consent spot hit.

Materials List

  1. 3 pieces of 10 ft PVC pipe
  2. PVC pipe cutters
  3. 2 Bungee cords
  4. 4 Eyelets Bolts
  5. 1 Philps head Screwdriver
  6. 6 90 Degrees Elbow
  7. 4 T Connectors
  8. 1 Solo Cup
  9. Tape Measure
  10. Hot Glue Gun


Created with images by lbokel - "forest sky winter"

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