Splotchy loves Tundy a tragic tale of treats and treaties

Splotchy is splotchy, and Tundy is rotund.

Splotchy and Tundy love each other very much.

Sometimes too much...

There is only one thing that can come between them...


But they had an understanding.

"We will always share our snacks!!!"

But one day Tundy got a snack...


...and did not share with Splotchy!

Splotchy could not help it. Her stomach grabbed her heart and shoved it to the side.

Splotchy charged at Tundy's snack! And ate it all up!

Tundy was pi...um, upset!

" I'm out!"

And Tundy was not seen again.

"I'm sorry"

"But it was so delicious!!!"

The end.


"I'm hungry..."
Created By
P. Michael Quinn

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