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Atlantic Link is the leading full-service agency in the Nordic region within travel and tourism. We have 20+ years of experience in destination marketing representing international clients within travel and tourism in Scandinavia and Finland. Time has come for us to use our experience and network in a new setting and attract international tourists to the place we call home – the Nordic region.

Tourism development in Northern Jutland

A group of private and public local actors hired Atlantic Link to lead a tourism development project in Northern Jutland. The purpose of this project was attracting tourism to Northern Jutland and Atlantic Link was in charge of strategy and execution.

Working with increasing visitation from Scandinavia and Finland to American destinations for 20+ years has given us an extensive network in the United States. We utilized our network within the travel industry to identify 20 American travel agents for a trade FAM trip to Northern Jutland in record time.

Bringing America to Northern Jutland

Atlantic Link identified the U.S. as target market for this project and built 3 theme-based itineraries showcasing authentic experiences that Northern Jutland has to offer American tourists. The CULINARY group got a unique taste of the region, the ART & CULTURE group discovered the cultural diversity and the OUTDOOR & ACTIVE group explored the natural surroundings in high gear. Atlantic Link made sure that diversity of the region was reflected in the itineraries and that the stories were told by local voices.

Welcome reception hosted by Aalborg Airport


Day 1: Fish auction in Hirtshals, walking tour of Skagen, lunch at Ruth’s Hotel, visit to Aabybro Dairy and dinner at Søgaards Bryghus

Day 2: Oyster safari, lunch at Sallingsund Færgekro, visit to Thy National Park, visit to Cold Hawaii (Klitmøller) and dinner at Café Hawgus

Day 3: Visit to Glenholm Vineyard, visit to Han Herred Havbåde, tour of Nordic Distillery and dinner at Restaurant Brdr. Price in Aalborg


Day 1: Brunch at Musikkens Hus, tour of Musikkens Hus, Nordkraft and Utzon, walking tour of Aalborg, lunch and creative session at KuNSTEN, afternoon coffee in the home of locals, Beer Walk in Aalborg and dinner at TABU

Day 2: Tour of local galleries in Lønstrup, tour of Børglum Abby, tour of Museum for Paper Art, visit to and dinner at Lindholm Høje

Day 3: Visit the Art Museums of Skagen including Anchers House, visit Grenen, lunch at Restaurant Pakhuset, visit Raabjerg Mile and the sand buried church and dinner at Restaurant Brdr. Price in Aalborg


Day 1: Hike and horse carriage tour of Fosdalen, lunch at Restaurant Slettestrand, horseback riding on the beach in Blokhus and dinner at Strandhotellet Blokhus

Day 2: Mountain bike tour of Rebild Bakker, lunch at Comwell Rebild Bakker, visit to Aalborg Zoo and dinner at Wildebeest Gastro Pub in Aalborg

Day 3: Biking tour of Skagen, visit Grenen, lunch at Skagens Fiskerestaurant, visit to Raabjerg Mile and the sand buried church and dinner at Restaurant Brdr. Price in Aalborg


The FAM trip concluded with a feedback session, initiation into Christian IV's Guild and a Farewell dinner at Utzon. Atlantic Link will follow this group of American travel agents, provide post reports and support the agents in selling the destination to their clients.

Results and next steps

The feedback from the travel agents and the interest for this project has been overwhelming. During the 5 days that the trade FAM took place, we generated press coverage worth the value of 1.6 million DKK. Atlantic Link’s vision is to be the frontrunners within tourism development in Scandinavia and Finland. Using our expertise, our initiatives will be a supplement to the strategy of national tourism boards.

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