Poseidon God of the sea and earthqUakes

Poseidon is the god of the sea and protector of all aquatic features. To the romans he was called Neptune. He has a weapon called a trident which is a three pronged spear that can cause earthquakes. It also can shatter any object in his way making it his main symbol.

Poseidon is well know as an older man with white hair and a long white beard. He is second in power of the Olympian Gods behind his brother Zeus. He is the second son of Cronus and Rhea and from birth he was swallowed by his father and kept in his belly for all of his child hood. After Zeus had freed him he had helped his brother and sisters and others defeat his father after ten long years of battle.Poseidons most distinctive attribute was his trident, a three pronged spear. He often dressed wearing a robe and a cloak while wearing a wreath headband around his head. He would also carry around a boulder filled with sea creatures such as octopi and crayfish.

Poseidon love life was a little harsh he was in love with Medusa till things had changed. She had agreed to marry Poseidon but Athena was very jealous because she had grown very fond of Poseidon making Athena curse Medusa to have a snakes for hair which can turn people into stone if you stare to long at her.

Poseidons sacred animals were the bull, horses, and dolphins.since he was god of the sea, he had a good connection with fish and other creatures. He had a chariot that he would ride that was drawn by fish tailed horses. He also had sacred plants that included the pine tree and the celery which would be used to crown people at challenging games they would have.

A major myth of Poseidon is the competition between him and Athena. When it was Poseidons turn her produced a salt water sea know as Erekhtheis now. The crowd loved it but when they went to taste it, it was super salty ,making the crowd angered. But when Athena went she buried a olive tree in the ground making it very useful produceing oil for their lamps. This pleased everyone and she was crowned the winner in which Poseidon was mad. So he cheated on her with Medusa in which Athena cured Medusa with snakes for hair.

In Ancient Greece, a festival of athletic and musical competitions was held in honor of Poseidon the sea god. It was held in the spring time at Poseidons sanctuary on Isthmus of Corinth. This was open to all Greeks and Athenians. The prize called victors prize was originally a crown of dry wild celery. Then it was changed to a pine wreath in roman times. They changed it to the pine wreath because this was sacred to the god Poseidon.

Lastly Poisden had a big mansion palace that was built under water for him. He had lived their for the most of his life with his wife but he's know as a player and had many girlfriends that all ended up with children with Poisden.

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