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Family Dynamic: We are full of die hard Clemson fans. My grandfather played football here, my uncle played basketball, both my parents went here, my aunt, all my cousins...and now me! Surprisingly, my cousin - who has always been the wild card of the bunch - decided to go play at VT...which created for an extremely awkward family dynamic during the ACC Championship.

This past year, we had another wild card -- my brother. Starting next year, I'll be a College of Charleston baseball fan...and this is my journey of...

Baseball fandom

Robert -- from little league to now....
Benj was born to be a coach...he is forever correcting Robert's swing, fielding techniques, and cheering him on.
Benjamin from little league to now....

Uses and Gratifications Theory

Twitter as a choice of media use
vs. GameChanger app as a choice of media use.
Similar to MLB At Bat or the MiLB First Pitch apps
Assumption 1: Communication behavior, including selection and use of the media, is goal-directed, purposeful, and motivated.

This is TRUE. I choose GameChanger because it is faster. My selection and use of media is goal-directed...with the goal to be updated as quickly as possible. My purpose is to feel like an involved sister -- because they care, I care. My motivation is that GameChanger has proven as the most effective tool for baseball updates.

a mini....

American Dream


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