Self Designed Exhibit #1 Procrastination and sunday sleep


Every Sunday I sleep pretty much the entire day away. I usually have tests on Mondays and need to study on Sundays, however, instead I sleep the entire day away. Also, I rarely ever exercise so that is why I am always so sleepy. I never have any motivation to exercise or do any work, especially on Sundays.


For the next four consecutive Sundays, I will meet my friend Molly for breakfast at 9am and then immediately go to workout in Byrnes or Fike. After doing at least 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of ab or leg workouts, I will then go shower and go straight to the library. My goal is to be in the library by 11:00 AM. I am not allowed to leave the library until all of my work gets done. I will see if working out causes me to have energy and stay awake to be productive on Sundays.


After meeting Molly for breakfast at 9am for four consecutive Sundays and going to work out afterwards, I predict that I will get all of my work and studying for the day instead of sleeping.



Today I got a lot of work done. I studied in the dungeon of Cooper Library for three hours. I completed my English essay rough draft that is due tomorrow, did my English blog post due tonight, and studied for my upcoming Psychology test. I accomplished everything I wanted to today, after working out in Byrnes after getting breakfast in Schilleter.


Today I got a lot done, however I did not get to do my English blog post that I was meaning to do. Other than that, I still did my PRTM homework and worked on the quiz that is due tomorrow. Overall, I was very productive considering I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill at Byrnes without stopping.


Today I worked on my English research paper that is due this week and worked on the citations for the sources. I also worked on my PRTM paper that is a reflection from our conference we had to attend. Overall, I stayed in the library around 3 hours and got everything done.


Today I got mostly everything done, except for starting my quizlet for my upcoming psychology test that I meant to begin. Other than that I did all of my PRTM homework and worked on my English blog post. I was overall, pretty much productive.


Meeting my friend Molly for breakfast really helped as a motivation to wake up. I enjoy hanging out with her and food is always an incentive. Molly enjoys working out and kept pushing me to keep going when doing cardio which helped as well. Overall, I got most of my work done in the library on these four consecutive Sundays and hope to continue this trend to improve my grades and work ethic even more.


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