Japan by nichole koger

location: it is off the west coast of China

major cities:

there is many cities that are famous in japan. Such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kobe

capital: tokyo

climate: it generally the same throughout the year

plant:chinquapins and evergreen oaks

animal:Ussuri brown bear.Sable.Sea otter.Japanese hare.Daubenton's bat.Japanese serow

population: 127.3 million

major agricultural:Rice,wheat, barley

natural resources:negligible mineral resources

geographic regions:Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu-Okinawa

Tourist atractions:

1.)mount fugi


3.)Shinjuku Gyoen

4.)Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

5.) National Anime Capital in the world

6.)Tokyo National Museum

7.)Himeji Castle


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