2016 #Little Things #Huge Happiness ! I'm glad that i made great memories with yOu !!! Life is all about good memories that let's you breathe when you are down !!!


That's how it begun Pal, Priceless expressions of Happiness !! Something what I still see in my eyes whenever I think of it !
When you dress up like a doll to office. Happiness is coming to office with you in the same shift. Rofl - about the little calendar in your hand , I was there somehow at your home to change the month almost every time when it needs to !!
Your love for Pongal ! Your love for rangolis , you are really good at it but i know you take a lot of time for it !!! Appreciated.
Festivals are awesome cos You send me a lot of pics !! You always look the best in the Saree ! No clue where does all the Homeliness, Elegance, Calmness comes to this face which is actually a bundle of grenade by default !!
Lol ! Long face - the first fight of 2016 ! I know I was mad , my Possessiveness overtook my mind ! Sorry for all the fights I fought you but every time i fight and stay away from you - I understood how much you mean to me !!!!!! You have a huge heart to forgive me every single time !! Who said you got ego ??? They were all wrong !!!
What you do when you get a new phone with a better camera !! When friends grow thick they don't mind how they look when they meet or when they send a pic !! Your heart accept them for what they are !!


What I actually do when I meet you at office!! Lots and lots of pics, when I ask You will be like "hey torture" okay let's take. After taking the 1st pic, You will be like "will you just take one pic or what ??" Two pics with tight hairs , two with loose hairs and again brushes your hair jus like how it was earlier and two more pics. Anyways I don't mind taking pics with You , I actually enjoy it even if I don't tell You :)
Ha ha ha few things never Change, this is 3 years back - Feb 2014. No matter how often I meet / text her , I always end up missing You if You are not around for a while. May be now you are irritated to hear this from me but I gotta be honest rite ?! The best I could do is stop letting you know that you are missed !!!
This bottle and what all you do with it is crazy !!! Sometimes I wonder how you know so much about what's good for our health , exactly like a Pro Dietician. You can write a book "Pal's Secret Recepies for a healthy Lifestyle". P.S: She gives you tips but she don't follows it.
Love for beaches and moon !!! We were trying to take a good pic of moon on this day and we managed to take a decent pic. Beach is the only place where we talk a lot and almost cover everything we did over months time.


This is the day where I didn't realise that I actually planned to "Sell my Happiness" myself without realising what I'm even doing!! You gave me a hint to return but I was so dumb to take you all the way there, for what I would regret till my last. Still I couldn't believe how did I even do this !!!!! Lots of things changed after it and I'm the one to be blamed.
This is one of my favourite of ALL. It was a tough time then and I can't thank you enough for being there always and helping me without asking.


First Face Time Call !!!!!! Be it I see you in real or virtual I always wanted to take a pic so that It adds to my memory box !
Jungle book - Movie loves. It turned out to be both of our childhood favourite and you fight that you wanna be the Mowgli !!! I remember you had other plans and as usual I came in between and you were sweet enough to make it for me.
I miss you not carrying your mobile to the desk!!! Little things like these are always the one what we love most in our life.

May โ˜น๏ธ

When I knew You are just gonna be here for a week. I can't never explain you in words how much are missed ! These benches just depresses me when I see it and I stopped seeing them !
When both are in the same shift and travel to office ! You always ask me to come early but you never come down on time. You can always make up the time when you are late but if I do omg I'm gone already. Mad friend !
Ha ha ha you know why this pic was taken and should be smiling now seeing it !! Jus kidding ! Those days when ther's a fight it's jus gonna take me a night to get back to normal cos I'm gonna see you the next day and we will be all laughing forgetting the fight when we meet :)
That's your last day ! You asked me to leave home without dropping you. You know I can't but I can't say no when you ask me to. Just couldn't sleep and it was 4 am this Dumb girl texd she is all alone. I think I was there in the next 30 mins. No clue how did i even got ready and made it that fast !!! We watched the Sun Rise and later you left for a trip. You were missed when you left.


All the little memories in a Jar. I want you to do one for yourself. Just do it na, whenever or whatever makes you happy - just tear a little piece of paper , write on it , fold it and drop it inside and forget it. Now say years have passed, take it all and open it one by one - you will smile for sure , it will make you feel better and happy ! It would remind you how special you are !!!!!!


Oopsss !!!!!!! I know it's cos of me but a pretty face is always a pretty face Sweeto. Keep smiling :)
Gumma Gummalu - Where we eat like an Elephant with an Ant's stomach. Even we do crazy stuffs at least this way.
Again one more from my Fav list !!!


Cuteness is something which is always overloaded with you no matter what you do. OMG ! That was really a surprise , thank you so much for coming all the way Bangaru.
Your craziness for ice creams !!! You know it's late and wanna get home soon but as soon as you see an ice cream vehicle - your mind changes the plan in a fraction of second. You will have a bad cold but will say jus one ice cream but you never eat just your ice cream !!!
Your Dp's ! It's always saved in my gallery even if you don't send me. Ha ha ha.
My Well Wisher for sure !! Thanks for all the blessings Matha Ji !!!! You know how to keep me quite when you go out of station, will be sending me a pic and be like I won't be here for another 2 days. Ha ha ha.
When you are hungry and all you have is a Guava !!!!!! This mouth is big enough to chew even a water melon !! Capable girl !


Bachelors Dinner !!!! Thanks again , you were always there during all the important occasion of my life. No one could go mad for food like us !!! Don't know who changed who among us !!
I agree flowers are beautiful but not more than a day ! They bloom and fade in one single day. My friend jus keeps blooming and grew more beautiful every single day of her life. Flowers should be Jealous of you ! Sure God has taken great pains to create you this beautiful ! Only very few are beautiful by the looks and also by their heart - you belong to that list !!!
If I had to show one pic to my kid when he/she grow up , asking who is your best friend ? - this is the one I will show them !!! ( If you don't mind )


I can't count how many days I have fought you for a Dp ! I was crazy rite, I never knew what all you go thro if you keep a pic of me. This day may be thinking of all those , you asked me if I can keep this as my Dp !! You know what I would have done next !
I have to admit you can run more miles than me. Loved this day but seriously legs were hurting the entire night. I still used to laugh when I get reminded of the reminder I sent you , where u asked me - "hello why is the guy running first, make the girl run first" ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿพ!!! Dominator for sure !!!
My Diwali is always becomes little more special when you send me a pic , be it as simple as this one ! Seeing you on a festive day makes me happy ! You are always like a family !
Can't forget this night for sure !!!! You exactly texd me when I reached your place and parked the car. Happiness is getting you the things you want to have. No matter what's the time, pls dont fight me, I do check of other stuffs and only then do things for you. Trust me.
Ok ! I will tell you why this day was special ! We had lunch , we fought in between , we again got good, you were literally cutting my fingers to register my finger print on your phone and what's so special about this day is - I don't know if you are bored of me , but you never gave me a hug first recently without me giving you a hug but it was opposite on this day and I was like "what???" One fine day where happiness was too much overloaded !!


One pic to represent For all the things you go through cos of me and for missing you on the childhood :)
Rofl - Crazy You !! When I don't get you the food you ask me to. Jus like a kid.
One of the lovy lovy days where we never fought from the time we started from home and till we got back home. You won't believe we took more than 100 pics on this day , Crazily laughed at the movie, Surprisngly you asked to post it in Fb and you drove me back home all the way !!
When you have all your tummy lovers in front of you !!!

December ๐Ÿ’›

One more of my Fav list. First pic of us in December.
That the only long trips where I have been with you. Gummidipondi it is :) Its not long enough for a drive but still I love them.
I know I can't open my mouth for what I did on this night but I can't thank you enough for taking care of me the entire night ! You are just the sweetest !
Atlast , one of my fav day of the year. I don't have to explain about this day cos you know very well what's the excited level I will be in on this day. Still you haven't told me if you had liked the cake but I assume you liked it. Happy birthday Bangaru ! Remember you are always special like no one else !!!
Last pic of the year !!! The end and it was a happy ending. Something what I wished for years :) Love you buddy !! Thank you! Wish you a wonderful 2017 !

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