Thomas Jefferson America's 3rd president who is obsessed with the french

- Jefferson was 57 years old at the time of election

Studied at College of William & Mary (1760-1762)

Jefferson was interested in architecture, astronomy, religion, etc. He was also ambitious, creative, and a deep thinker.

architecture layout

Wife; Martha Jefferson (1772-1782) // Children; Martha Jefferson Randolph, Eston Hemmings, Madison Hemmings, etc.

Treaty of Paris (1783) - ended revolutionary war and recognized America's independence

Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase while pushing Jeffererson's belief aside about the power delegated to the national govt.

T. J did not veto any laws or use the power of veto

While Thomas was in office, he appointed a total of 19 judges/justices.

3 justices to the supreme court // 7 to the U.S circuit courts // 9 to the U.S district courts

One of his first actions of stepping into office was to issue a general pardon for any person convicted under the Sedition Act.

In the top 11 ranking for presidents.

President Thomas Jefferson commissioned the Corps of Discovery Expedition (1804-06), led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, to explore the territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, among other objectives. In 1801, Spain signed a secret treaty with France to return Louisiana Territory to France.

74% favored him while 6% unfavored him

Died on July 4, 1826 (same day John Adams)


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