Everybody can be beautiful. made by howie yagaloo photography

some of my male-models.

My name is Howie and I am a Berlin based photographer, specialized in male photography.

This is Luke.

When I was 7 years old I started taking photos with a very cheap camera I picked up from the local county fair. As I got older, my grandfather would give his old cameras. Then when I was 14 I bought my own Minolta. As a student at University in Bochum I was fortunate enough to be able to use the Photography Department’s equipment and resources, which included developing my own photographs on real paper (yes, with chemistry and all that stuff), and shooting photo sessions in the studio. This was a great opportunity to learn how to use all of the complex camera settings. It was truly the beginning of a lifelong passion with photography.

After finishing university I became a writer for magazines, this is where I had my first photos published, including in a number of books. Later on I began working in the television industry where I further developed my skills in shooting, editing and reporting. This is when I became a professional TV Reporter. But my love for photography has never stopped.

Nowadays, I have a fantastic freelance gig working for one of Germany’s biggest and most renowned newspapers. I have the time and freedom to shoot more again. Though I still declare photography as a passion, I am working towards making it bigger part in my life.

Currently, I’m working with a NIKON D-7200 with several lenses. I do have to admit that I am not that much into camera gear itself, I just have to know how to use it. Most of the time I try to work with available light, but I do have my own studio in my home, with a black background and three studio flashes.

Headshots, social media shots or streetwear


Basic Package. 150 €

  • You will get:
  • Up to 1 hour shoot outdoor or on location
  • 5 color corrected photographs
  • 1 high end retouched picture

Medium Package. 250 €

  • You will get:
  • Up 2 hour shoot outdoor or on location
  • 5 color corrected photographs
  • 3 high end retouched pictures

Big Package. 400 €

  • You will get:
  • Up to 3 hour shoot outdoor or on location
  • 10 color corrected photographs
  • 5 high end retouched pictures


  • additional retouched photograph 25 € each
  • additional shooting time 50 € per hour
  • additional 5 color corrected photographs 50 €
This one of me is taken by the wonderful colleague Oliver Wand


(c) by Michael Weiner aka Howie Yagaloo

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