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About his Childhood and family

Jack Kerouac or Jean- Louis Lebris de Kerouac was born on March 22, 1922 in Lowell, Massachusetts. This town was a down and had a lot of unemployment and heavy people drinking by the time Kerouac was born. His parents Leo and Gabriela were immigrants from Quebec, Canada Kerouac learned to speak french and English. His Father owned his own print shop to sustain family income. Jack during his childhood he went threw a tragedy when his older brother died of a fever when he was 9 years old. When this happened his parents became more religious than what they were before. Growing up Jack liked to read and play sports, he thought that sports were going to be the solution to help with all his problems. But when the 1930's came and the Great Depression hit his father became an alcoholic and started gambling. TO help with some money loss his mom got a job to start helping out his family. But when his fathers print shop got destroyed due to a flood. This made it so hard to the family and it drove his father Leo to become a bigger alcoholic than he was before and gambled so much that he drove the family to poverty. During this time jack still believed that sports were going to help him and his parents. By the time he graduated high school he received a scholarship to Columbia University and moved to New York City all alone. When he attend the University he played some games and than broke his leg. The made it so he could not play anymore for the season so he dropped out of college and started to look for a job.

Poetry and influences

When Jack Kerouac moved into New York City after getting a scholarship to Colombia University he liked how he discovered jazz when he walked down the streets which probably was one of his most influence in his poetry. He also went to church a lot after his older brother died and he wrote many poems that resembled of him being in church. Most of Jack Kerouac poetry was beat poetry. Which was over how everyone wanted to have a perfect home and life but in reality it wasn't, while living in the 1950's.

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