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The Baroque period was a an complex period in the creation of music and art. The Baroque period greatly impacted history; now refereed to as one of the richest and most diverse periods in history. The word "baroque" itself originated from a Portuguese word "barroco" that implied that all things were strange and bizarre. This time period overlapped with the Renaissance era in history that was composed of many strange and bizarre creations. Therefore, between the combination of the Renaissance era and the Baroque period history was greatly impacted.

Religion in the Baroque Period

During this period everything was greatly impacted by the Roman Catholic Church. This then allowed the architecture of the churches to be developed and created. The creation of art from this Roman Catholic perspective greatly impacted history in a way that the buildings are still standing today. The painting of this period were all based on Christian themes that indicated that there was power and control over all by God.

Culture in the Baroque Period

In the Baroque period there was large factors that played into history culturally. The origin of this period was from a Portugal and then culturally focused on the Catholic religion. This was a time where the first formal Thanksgiving day was formed in 1676. Overall the culture of the Baroque period was very commonly related to the Roman Catholic religion and traditions.

Political Impact on the Baroque Period

During the Baroque period this is when the 1st American colony was founded in 1607 by the name of Jamestown. This began politics of this period by giving an introduction to forms of government and the role. The catastrophic event of history that occurred during this time was the 30 years war. This had a huge impact on the political aspect that would then effect the next 30 years of the Baroque period. This war lead opera to become two distinct entitles meaning that opera was now not only a males role but also women were Incorporated within the female roles. Concluding that in this age a lot of Americans founding fathers were born and were going to become great later on in history.

Art Work of the Baroque Peroid

These two pictures both illustrate religion as it was expressed through many works of art in the period. The picture on the left is a picture of a catholic cathedral and the image on the right is a picture of the story illustrating David and Goliath. The catholic cathedral art work was characterized by exploration forms of light, shadow , and dramatic intensity. The image of David with his sling shot and stone was one of the many statues that were created to display a story of a historical individual.

Music of the Baroque Period

This song is called Hallelujah originally composed by George Fredrick Handel. This was a song the Baroque time that really caught my attention and is still one commonly seen in movies and operas today. This piece of music spoke to me just by the dynamic of the piece and the praise of God intent that is behind the meaning of the words of the song. This composer was influenced by his London life and was well known for his operas, anthems, and organ concertos.

This song was also composed by George Fredrick Handel and is called Music by the Fireworks. This piece stood out to me because it was very cheerful and was also something heard at the climax of movies.

Literature of the Baroque Period

Pascal Pensees was a famous poet of the time that helped write plays in the Baroque period.He talked about the dangerous world of Christianity and how plays could help express and display the true meaning of religion.

Enlightenment and Renaissance

During this period the Renaissance was the main competitor to the Baroque art. The works created during these times were very similar to one another but also distinctively different. The Renaissance period began in the 1400's. This period marked the transformation from the medieval times into early modern age. The Baroque period them came along in the 1600's and transformed when the church began to divided between the Protestants and the Roman Catholics. Some of the main artists in the Renaissance period was Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. In the Baroque period Bernini and Caravaggio were the major artists of that time. Therefore, the Renaissance in comparison to the Enlightenment was the building blocks into the 17 and 18 hundreds.


Therefore, in conclusion overall the Baroque period was my favorite with the complexity of its creations. The three things that made this period stand out to me was the dynamic classical music that is still seen in movies today, the religious aspect of the art work and architecture, and the poetry used to later develop into some of the most common plays today. The Baroque period had many forms of music that I enjoyed listening to such as the two I listed above. Overall the Baroque period created a great foundation for the more modern art created today.


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