Carnival Breeze August 5, 2018

Cruise Schedule/Itinerary

Ahhhh starting off the cruise right with three days of relaxsation
Three Days Full Of Adventure??? Sign Me Up.
Going Back home??? Already?? Agh, I love it here!

mahogany, bay

Swimming with Dolphins!!

Have a thrilling time with two fun loving dolphins while in Roatan! On this excursion you will travel 25 minutes by bus to the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences at Anthony’s Key Resort. Then travel across the lagoon to the pristine Bailey’s Key, the private island home to a large family of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins.

Begin this dynamic dolphin activity with a brief introduction to two dolphins, who will greet you on the platform with a handshake, a kiss, and a friendly smile.

You’ll then enter the water for a playful swim to experience an exciting “Footpush”, as the dolphins push you by the feet above and around the water’s surface, allowing you to feel their speed and strength!

Then, take it easy on a ride around the lagoon, while holding on their smooth dorsal fins for the famed “Dorsal Ride”.

In addition, watch various water behaviors, vocal skills, tail splashes and applause.

Note: Participants must be 5 years or older to participate. An adult must accompany ages 5-13. Participants must be able to swim. Participants will wear a lifejacket while in the water. Professional photographs will be taken during the activity. Total time with the dolphins is 30 minutes.


Bacab Jungle Park

Bacab Eco park is a lush jungle playground for resident, overnight, and cruise tourism guests. Located just 20 minutes from Belize City and only 10 minutes from the country’s International Airport, this splendid tourist destination is in the center of everything offering a variety of activities and unique tours to choose from.

Our Horseback Tour takes you on an hour long journey through the jungle and along the riverside where who knows what you might see. Along with many varieties of trees and vines one might also get to see crocodiles sunbathing on the river banks, Howler Monkeys just relaxing and passing the time in the trees, as well as other small indigenous birds and animals that live and roam the area.

Inside the WILD WINGS BUTTERFLY HOUSE, a winding pathway offer the opportunity to view as many as 25 species of native Belizean butterflies (dependent on the season) in a kaleidoscope of colors. Iridescent blues of the Blue Morpho, lime green of the Malachite, orange of the Julias and brilliant red, yellow and black of the Postman. The false eye pattern displayed by the Owl Butterfly give credibility to it’s unique name as it mimics the large staring eyes of an owl.

The kayak tour takes you down a narrow winding creek where you can enjoy the cool breeze while paddling the creek, lined with a wide variety of trees, water plants, and vines. This tour is Great for birders as there are several different species of bird’s usually flying through the creek fishing.

Our 240,000 gallon Swimming Pool, sculptured waterfall, and water slide is sure to cool you off from the hot tropical sun. The Pool is divided into two (2) parts: a shallow area that slopes down to about 2 ft deep for children to safely play under the Mushroom waterfall and a larger 4’6” deep section with a water-slide and a waterfall for adults and older teenagers. While we do have a Life Guard on duty remember to always practice safety.

Are you thinking about food or drink now that we’ve mentioned a Restaurant & Bar? NO WORRIES…our Pokonobwai Restaurant & Bar can fill that appetite as well as quench your thirst with our menu featuring Local & fast Food items as well as our specialty blend frozen drinks, or try our fruit juices.

conzumel, mexico

Xenses Park

Your sense of touch has a new experience to live, being covered by mud! From head to toe, your skin grabs all the attention wrapped with a refreshing and moisturizing secret mud recipe. At the end of the activity you’ll wash off in underground waterfalls and feel the effects of your new and smooth skin.

May I please have a kiss????

Fulfill your wish to fly! Like a bird, go through the sky on a zip-line peacefully admiring the landscape and truly appreciating what flying feels like. Open your arms as if they were wings and set out on a fun flight.

A refreshing descent full of sensations, which may have a slow start, but little by little the speed increases and takes you on a thrilling and exciting ride where water and a dark tunnel will lead you to an unexpected finale.

Test your relaxation abilities. Let go with the soothing tranquility of floating on a river in which you can’t sink. Allow the current do the work and release all your tension and stress. Your senses will absorb the experience and will free your mind.

A place that challenges your balance, completely adapted as an authentic Mexican town. While you try not to fall down, and go up or is it down? Or both? You’ll find colorful architecture that gives life to the experience. Don't forget to enter the open houses in Town, there’s a surprise waiting in each one of them.

Going Back Home!!!


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