GPStamper Lite "Know where - Know When"


Select desired stamping options during installation and configuration*. Access GPStamper Lite via Windows context menu to stamp either one or multiple selected photos, or an entire folder**.

Right-click a file/folder for context menu access

Choose to stamp coordinates with date & time, along with subject description and author information (both optional); or location names (with or without a date).

Subject descriptions entered via GPStamper Lite are stamped onto all photos in a selected folder. Selecting multiple files via Ctrl or Shift permits entering a unique subject description for each photo. Subject descriptions are saved until changed. Alternatively, enter a unique subject description for each photo in a folder via File Explorer’s “Subject” field in the Details pane, which will then be included in a coordinate stamp.

Enter a default author/copyright notice during installation, or by accessing GPStamper Lite's configuration utility from Windows Start Menu. This information will be automatically included on all photos, and from session to session (i.e. it’s saved until changed or deleted). Alternatively, File Explorer’s “Authors” field (if already populated) can contribute author information to a coordinate stamp.

*Stamping options must be selected prior to stamping, and can be changed at any time by accessing GPStamper Lite's configuration utility.

**Stamping Unicode location names is limited to single file processing (i.e. no folders). Ctrl or Shift may be used to select multiple files when stamping coordinates with subject descriptions or author/copyright notices with Unicode characters. The Latin-1 character set (ISO 8859-1) is fully supported. Ctrl or Shift may be used to select multiple files or folders when stamping ASCII characters.

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