Frederick Douglass abolitionist and slave


He's child-hood was very hard for him.Because he couldn't live with his parents,so he lived with his grandmother named Betty.And it was hard for him because him mother died when he was a kid.His grandmother Betty took care of him for a while then they took her away.They did't know what year he was born and he didn't know how old he was either.

Growing up

He didn't go to school because he taught himself.He taught himself his abc's and numbers and how to write sentences and read.Then it was night time in his masters home and he saw his master beating his aunt Hester and his master beat his aunt Hester until his arms were to tired to stop and blood dripped from Hester's shoulders.Frederick thought the old master would come for him next.And he was next but his master didn't beat him his masters friend tried to beat him but Frederick fought back.Then he escaped ... but they found him and then he got caught again.


While he was a grown man he was still a slave until they freed him on December 5 1846.They freed him for $700 he was a free man.So he married Anna Murray and they brought a house to live in,the house was in Rochester,New York.Then a few years later they had one kid.Frederick Douglass meet Abraham Lincoln to end slavery but they had to beat the South/Confederacy.Then they beat the South/Confederacy in the war,then slavery ended in 1865.

His quote

he mad a quote and here´s what it said...It said ¨Neither we, nor any other people will ever be respected and we will never respect ourselves till we have the means to live respectfully¨

When he died

Frederick Douglass died from a heart attack on February 20 1895 at the age of 77 or 78.

Passaro, John. Frederick Douglass. Chanhassen, MN: Child's World, 2000. Print.

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