Evaluation Ch. 10, Ten Core Concepts

What is evaluation?

  • Judgment or review
  • Analysis
  • Critique

Components of Evaluation

  • Criteria: "standards by which to evaluate the subject of the review" (289).
  • Summary: A brief section giving the reader context about when the album was released, relevant information about the artist, and major themes from the album.
  • Reason for review: doesn't have to be stated, but should be in the back of your mind while writing
  • Something relevant to say: making a connection from your evaluation to a larger point.

4 Features of Reviews

  1. Topic worthy of analysis
  2. Complexity—sufficient evaluation
  3. Appropriate evidence
  4. Reasonable conclusions

Writing an Evaluation

  1. Identify a topic (music album, for our class)
  2. Place review in rhetorical context
  3. Select a medium
  4. Develop main point of evaluation
  5. Support claim through evaluation
  6. Organize the evaluation
  7. Get feedback
  8. Revise
  9. Refine your voice
  10. Edit


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