INZ Update: 15 Sep 2020

INZ has announced resumption of processing of some visa applications from people who are currently not in New Zealand

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INZ will now be processing and deciding offshore applications for some relationship-based visas, if they are supported by a New Zealand citizen or resident

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INZ will also be processing, but not approving, offshore applications for selected visa categories

Relationship-based visa applications supported by a New Zealander that would be processed and decided are:

1. Partnership – Visitor Visa under Partnership Category

2. Partnership – Visitor Visa under Culturally Arranged Marriage

3. Partnership – Work Visa under Partnership Category

4. Partnership – Resident Visa under Partnership Category

5. Partnership – Resident Visa under Partnership - Partner of an Expatriate

6. Dependent Child – Visitor under child of NZ citizen/resident category

7. Dependent Child – Visitor under adopted child category

8. Dependent Child – Student under family child dependent category

9. Dependent Child – Resident under family child dependent Category

10. Dependent Child – Resident under family child dependent – Dependant of an Expatriate

Important Notes:
  1. The list above does not include General Visitor Visa applications made on the basis of a relationship which does not meet immigration partnership requirements.
  2. If INZ determines that an application does not meet immigration partnership requirements, a general Visitor Visa may be appropriate and INZ will place the application on hold until border restrictions allow INZ to process general Visitor Visas.
  3. Given current limitations on international travel, INZ will grant successful temporary entry applicants a six-month ‘first entry before’ date to allow them more time to secure flights and managed isolation or quarantine in New Zealand.

Offshore applications under the following visa categories will be processed but not approved:

1. Refugee Family Support - Tiers 1 and 2

2. Migrant Investor (Investor 1 and 2), including EOIs for Investor 2

3. Parent Retirement

4. Entrepreneur

Important Notes:
  1. INZ will only process these applications as far as they can without approving.
  2. If an application looks like it meets immigration instructions, INZ may request further information and complete another assessment when the border restrictions are lifted.
  3. INZ will process section 49 checks for these visa categories as normal, regardless of the applicant’s location.


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