intro into digital photography p1-01 what story are u telling

Photography is much more then taking a pitcher it a story. Photography is like a story with no word u don't need someone to tell the story u just get the story. Each pitcher is different but some tell the same story but they all are different in a way.

The way i edit my pitcher are brig. Brig is a good editing app because of the freedom you have on it you get to make it your own

My pitcher is a hawk because a bird show freedom and my freedom feeling is taking pitcher because u have unlimited choses u can create, tell, and make ur own story.

to take my pitchers i use a Lumix GF5 its small is light weight and its has changeable lenses, its white its a good beginners camera

I changed the lighting a lot to change the pitcher the way I changed it by using exposure i put it a i high number .I messed with the contrast and lowered the contrast because i feel like it give a lot of depth. i used a flashlight for my lighting because i did not have a flash but in the end it came to my add vantage.
I changed the lighting and contrast i raised the lighting and lowered the contrast. i also raised i fell like its a cool pitcher because it shows the demotion and shape and strong contrast to the pitcher.
i used exposer to edit my photo it brought light to my photo and the temper was raised to briton it up . i also used contrast to bring depth in photo the tint was lightened up too
this photo i used a pice of paper and cut a square out and put if over the flash light. edit this i used exposer i lowered and contrast i bumped it up i bumped up the tempter and tint i bummed up too
i cropped this photo and changed the exposer to a higher number for the contrast i did very little lighting up the contrast is not strong because that was not my main point my main point is the helicopter
i change the temp and tint and put a lot more contrast to it so you can see the light and dark and you can see the color on the helicopter better
i cropped this photo and i added more temp and tint and i put a little contrast and high light i used a piece of paper took a pencil and poked holes though it and put it over a flash lightened it made the square effect

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