The family is heartbroken at the loss of the family dog, Poonjab. After some time had passed, they went to the local shelter to adopt another dog, but young Elijah doesn't want another dog.

He wants to hold on the memories of his fury friend by closing himself to the possibility of loving another dog.

The family comes together to help Elijah understand that you can't close his heart to love. He learns he has to release the painful past and embrace a future full of new experiences and love through another dog.

Inside they discovered a chocolate-nosed friend with sad eyes.. She was a lonely dog that needed rescuing and someone to love.

Goodbye Poonjab is an award-winning, beautifully illustrated, picture book that demonstrates the power of family and love. Available online, and in bookstores, worldwide.

For educators there is a companion workbook, Vazdoo's Lessons for: Goodbye Poonjab, with 15 lessons and activities for students. A full answer key is printed in the back.

Background graphic used with permission and license via AdobeStock.


All artwork is from the book, Goodbye Poonjab, written and illustrated by Tabbatha Bella.

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