Party city Redfish Fly fishing for Panama city, fl redfish

Over my Spring Break I got to go to Panama City with some friends to meet family and party... at least that was there desires for going. Mine on the other hand, was filled with chasing Redfish on the grassy flats in St. Andrews Bay and Grand Lagoon.

As soon as we got unpacked my fly lying vice and started tying up some shrimp and minnow patterns for the Red Drum and Bonefish. I stayed up till almost midnight, even though I knew my chances of catching one were very slim since this was my fish time being there.


The first day I went out, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and walked to St. Andrews State Park and scouted out the area for the big flats. After doing this for a little while I went and climbed up on the jetty at the point and stated casting just to see if I could get some hits. After about 4 hours of me casting my 12 foot fly rod I finally got a hit! Out of my excitement, I slipped and fell off the jetty into about 30 foot of frigid water. The fish got off from the slack in the line and i sat there drenched, bloody and frustrated. Strike One.


The very next day I decided to go out to the other side of the peninsula and fish the quarter mile of flats it had. Again, I was there at 5:30 in the morning wading into waste high cold water searching for fish to cast to. I saw some snook and a lot of stingray but no Reds. I did get a hit that day but again the fish got off. Strike Two.


Out of frustration I took a day off from fishing and decided to go and enjoy the beaches and do a little more research of the flat waters around the area to see when and where the Reds would be schooling up.


The last day. I was bound and determined to catch a fish this day. I tied up some new flies to try out based on the research from the day before and I also decided to fish Grand Lagoon this day instead of St. Andrews Bay. Grand Lagoon is less crowded than St. Andrews and provided so clearer water in the mornings. Once again, i woke up at 4:30 in the morning and waded out to the middle of the flats and started casting. Hour by hour the day went by and hour by hour my percentage grew thinner. It was not until 2 in the afternoon that I started to spot some small schools of fish. I thought

"Now I got a real chance of catching... something."

Hours past and day grew to dusk. Still not a single hit. All around me I watched schools swim past. 4,6,9,15 fish at a time. Then I saw something rise to top of the water film... It was a Red! the more I scanned the water film the more and more Reds I saw rising! I started casting to each small group rising being as soft and precise as I could be. Alas, my frantic casts were to no avail. I didn't get a single hit that day. As i waded out of the water with my head down, I looked back and saw as the tail fins of all the Redfish breached the water they had won. Strike Three. I'm Out.

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