Electromagnetic Spectrum By Jaden Young

Relationship Between Wavelength and Frequency

The difference between wavelength and frequency is that the higher the frequency is then themmitse shorter the wavelength is.

Wavelength And Frequency

Each type of wave has a specific length and frequency for example radio waves have a longer wavelength than infrared waves because they have a lower frequency and gamma rays are smaller than x-rays because they have a higher frequency.


  • Radio: Largest wave of the bunch used for long distance communication.
  • Infrared: Invisible to the human eye but we feel infrared waves as heat.
  • Ultraviolet: Type of light wave, Visible violet light but longer than x-rays
  • X-Rays: Allows us to see inside the human body with an x-ray photograph
  • Gamma Rays: smallest wavelength of the bunch, is nuclear

Waves and society

We use waves every day in modern society for example when you turn on the radio in your car it receives radio waves from the local broadcasting station and allows you to hear the news, music or a sports game. We normally use x-rays for medical reasons such as looking for broken bones and new teeth growing in. Infrared waves are used a lot by the military or hunters. Infrared scopes or binoculars allow us to look through them and see heat from cars, animals or fires basically anything warm emits infrared waves.

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