SMU CLASS OF COVID: HENRY MAC B.A. Finance '21 | Cox School of Business | Sigma Chi

Henry Mac's journey at SMU was never a conventional one. Through four years of studying finance in the Cox Business School, he remained committed to sharing his true passion: electronic music. His upbeat, resilient nature and comprehensive knowledge of specific genres allowed him to bring a new musical experience to campus with performances and parties. The COVID-19 pandemic this past year saw Henry bringing his talent to living rooms and smaller group settings with the same high-spirited enthusiasm.

“Music has just been something where I can kind of exert myself, put all my emotions aside and kind of just dive into what I want to create.” - Henry Mac

Henry made a name for himself at SMU by sharing his talent for electronic music with the people that he cared about. Although the pandemic put a damper on his senior year, he refused to let such unusual circumstances stop him from doing what he loved most. Henry found his way through the pandemic by making the most of small gatherings with those closest to him - and playing the music they'd all learned to love.

"He lived with the exact same passion and dedication to the things he loved. [The pandemic] didn't affect him at all.” - Adam Weyhrauch, Henry's big
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