The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Aaron Prohaska

Spatial Experience

Walking into the theater was a brand new experience for me. I had only been to one other play in my life. At first I was nervous to what I was getting myself into, the room was dark and everyone was quiet. Little did I know of the excitement and emotion that I was soon to feel.

Social Experience

These are my friends Lindsey and Paul. Upon seeing this, I did not think any of us were ready for the experience we received, given this was Paul and I's first play in a long time. I was thrilling to be able to discuss what the play was about and how it moved us. Having friends during this experience enhanced the experience as we got to emotionally express our feeling toward the play together.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Before seeing this play my cultural and intellectual understanding of 1905 era was small. I had learned the issue of child labor and knew it existed, yet I never understood the full impact of it. Also my understanding of religion verses the theater during this era did not exist. Now after seeing this play I have an understanding of the culture in 1905 Europe and an intellectual understanding of this time

Emotional Experience

There is an element in all of us that draws us to come clean of all of our conflicts. An element that ties us together, in that we can experience Katharsis. In the play we see many bad things happening to Michaud, yet he comes from a very poor and unlucky family. Michaud always is trying to make the best out of every situation he is given in order to help out his family, even though sometimes he makes bad mistakes. He was given the opportunity for Katharsis, or coming clean, in the end of the play when he admits to what actually happened with the fight with the priest at the other school.

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