Journey Log 4 By Adam Schwartz

Adam Schwartz

English 1030

21 February 2017

Journey Log 4

Two sources: Walk, Talk, Cook, Eat: A guide to Using Sources & Murder

Who: John Daly (pro golfer)

What: Golf and life lessons

Where: Golf Course in Tampa, FL

When: Hot Summer Day, June 5th, 2016

How: Winning a free golf game with John Daly

Family dinner table that morning….

Adam: Today’s the day mom and dad, I’ll be spending the day with pro golfer John Daly. The guy who almost drove a golf ball across the Niagara Falls gorge. (Golf today) He would’ve done it too but the wind was too much.

Dad: Too bad you’re not playing at the Belleair Golf Course, he was kicked out of that country club for poor behavior when he gets drunk, and he also treated everyone like shit.

Mom: Well he was thrown into some pretty bad life situations, did you know his dad was abusive and an alcoholic. Growing up like that, no wonder his manners suck and he over drinks himself.

Dad: Don’t forget his gambling problem, or when he proclaimed that everybody on the PGA tour would test positive for cocaine. He also had two wives, one went to prison for five months because they found her with drugs. What a role model to his two children

Mom: Well he may be an asshole, but at least he made something out of his life

Dad: He himself claimed that he “wasted” his talent, he was unbelievable. His drive was unmatched by everyone. He couldn’t stay away from the alcohol, the drugs, and the girls though, it all got him into deep shit. His reputation is permanently tarnished.

Adam: Well it’s not like I’m going to take everything he says to heart, I know he’s a nut job, but I’m excited to see what he has to say. Maybe he can show me where he went wrong in life, and how to avoid it.

Dad: Maybe, but all I’m saying Adam is I know him, my friends know him, and all he cares about is himself.

Later that day at the golf course around 10:00 am….

Adam: Good morning Mr. Daly, what do you see we get this game going before it gets scorching hot outside.

John Daly: Nice to meet you, how’s your game been looking

Adam: Well I’m pretty average, I usually have no time to practice since I’m always in school. When I do play I’ll have a couple great shots, and then a few not so great.

John Daly: Well we will play best ball then because I’m not trying to be stuck out here all day.

Adam: Oh well alright that seems fair…

John Daly: As we go I’ll check out your swing, make some adjustments, we will talk strategy and golf IQ as well, everybody used to tell me I was my own worst enemy.

Adam: Awesome let’s play 9

John Daly: Sounds good to me, a beer every 2 holes, I’m cutting down

Adam: Good for you Mr. Daly, that takes a lot of pride and self respect to admit that you previously had a problem

John Daly: I’ll tell you what kid, alcohol is dangerous, it can take over people’s lives, and I feel like it’s hard to completely cut dry, so everything is good as long as it’s mediated.

Adam: Mr. Daly, what do you think your career would be like if those issues never came up

John Daly: Well honestly kid, I wish I never made my family go through that but it was definitely a learning experience. I believe that everything we go through has reason, and every experience good and bad, is something to learn from.

Adam: I’ve spent so much of my life trying to stay away from all that, because it corrupts so many people

John Daly: It’s not the substance, it’s about yourself, my dad was a drunk, I was a drunk, and it’s all my fault. I never stopped drinking, it’s all about self control. Don’t be afraid of it because when you do finally get exposed to it, you should be prepared to face it.

Adam: Thanks for advice Mr. Daly, a lot of people talk shit about you, but I see a good side to you

John Daly: I am an asshole Adam, I treated people like shit because I had more money than they did, it’s not about the money, it’s about surrounding yourself with ones you love.

Adam: You’re right, thanks for the advice John Daly, and helping my golf game too

John Daly: No problem, just remember practice makes perfect with the game of golf. You practice, learn from your mistakes, and move onto the next hole. Forget about the last one, it’s out of your control.

John Daly references:

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