The Ocean Meghan Thornton

Don't drink the water! People should not drink the water because our bodies can not process all that salt through their digestive system. It also soaks up all the water in your body, which dehydrates you.
The ocean is very important to life on Earth. The ocean produces more than half of the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere and takes in just as much carbon. It is also used to travel on and is a useful food supplier.

The ocean current is related to the Earth's climate because it moves weather around.

There are five layers we know of in the ocean.

The top layer is the Sunlit Zone (0-656 ft). This zone gets the most sunlight, which makes plant life plentiful. You can find creatures like seals and sea turtles here.
The second layer is the Twilight Zone (656-3,280 ft). This zone only has dim light, and no plants grow. You can find creatures like jellyfish and squid here.
This is the third layer, th Midnight Zone (3,280-13,123 ft). This layer gets no sunlight. Some of the animals in this layer lack eyes. Some of these creatures are snipe eel and tripod fish.
The fourth layer is the Abyss (13,123-19,685 ft). The abyss is used to describe the deep sea most often, considering how far down it is. Some animals down here lack a back bone. Some creatures down here are sea spiders and hagfish.
The last zone is the Hadal Zone (19,658-36,197 ft). This extreme depth is usually found in deep-water trenches or canyons. The water temperature is barely above freezing. A creature that lives down their is the sea cucumber.
As you get deeper into the ocean, the pressure becomes greater and the temperature drops because of the lack of sunlight.
We get resources from the ocean. We can drill deep down and get crude oil, or go out fishing and catch fish to eat. We can also get things such as minerals (salt, nickel, iron, etc.).


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