Common Exhibit #3 Retrieval PRactice Self Study

Study Method #1: Quizlet

In preparation for my first Psychology exam this semester, I tried using quizlet. I have used it before in high school but no more than once in college. I had to re-take psychology this semester because I did poorly in it last semester and I normally just read the textbook and my notes but I wanted to try something different this time. I began studying roughly 4 or 5 days before the test and studied about 2 to 4 hours each day in preparation. I wanted to see if it would better help me understand the material instead of just memorizing definitions. The amount of material we had to study was more than any test I have had in my life. The study guides our teacher gives us are anywhere from 12 to 15 pages long so it was a lot. But I studied quizlet for a few days before the test and went into it feeling pretty confident. I was expecting and A or B when I finished. It turned out I got a 77 on the test which I was pretty disappointed in. I put in all that time and effort for a mere 77. But I did not get down and tried to use it positively. It was a lot better than the grades I was getting on psych tests last semester. I do believe quizlet is part of the reason I improved a lot from last semester and it definitely gave me something to be excited about for the rest of the semester. I am going to continue using quizlet for psychology tests and even other subjects as well. I was very impressed with quizlet overall.

Study Method #2: Self Testing

For my 1st macroeconomics test, I tried something a little different than what I had done in microeconomics first semester. In micro, I would usually just read the notes on the powerpoint we were given by the teacher and try to memorize everything. This time I tried self testing myself by re taking old quizzes and redoing homework assignments. I was not able to spend as much time studying for this test unlike the psychology test because I had other work that needed to be done as well. I started studying roughly 4 or 5 days before but for only about an hour and a half to two hours each day. While self testing myself, I knew that the questions would be a little different on the actual test but I felt like it helped me grasp the concept of what were learning and helped me learn the equations and numbers we had to know. I went into the test pretty confident and came out thinking I made a B, and I was correct. I turns out I made an 82 on the test which I was satisfied with. Self Testing definitely played a major role in the grade I received and I have been using it ever since. There were a few things that I had to change, such as a few of the things I was testing myself on, but overall this was a positive study method for me that I still use and will continue to use in the future.

Study Method #3: Group Quizzing

For the last method, I tried group quizzing. I do not have a photo or video because I forgot to take one at the time which is my fault. It was also a PAL session which I understand may not technically be group quizzing but in the PAL session I went to that was all we did. I also went with my two roommates which I think makes it a little more informal. It was a PAL session for our first math 1020 test and it was extremely helpful. Normally I just read over the notes and try to learn the equations in the textbook and look at examples which was ineffective for the first test. I needed a different approach this time and group quizzing was great. It was also helpful to have a PAL leader there who knew what she was doing and that gave us some guidance. She would ask us questions from old tests for Unit 1 and explain why we were right or wrong instead of just being told yes or no which was very helpful. I left the session feeling a lot more confident which transferred to the test. PAL/group quizzing was probably the most helpful out of the three methods I have talked about. It was the first time I had studied like that and the results were great. My grade in the class has gone up considerably since I started using this method of study and I would recommend everyone do it. It was something that gave me plenty of confidence unlike before and greatly raised my grade in the class. I have been going to these PAL sessions ever since and I will continue going because they work well for me.

Written Reflection

The three study methods I have tried this semester are certainly going to be helpful for me in the future. I was pleased that none of the three methods I tried negatively affected my grades. All three were positive experiences for me but as I mentioned, group quizzing was the most effective for me and I would advise anyone struggling in school to use it because it works. This was a very helpful exhibit in general as all of them have been but I liked this one because I learned 3 things that will hopefully continue to help me achieve the academic success I know I am capable of achieving.

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