CSUSA Bright Spots 2017-2018

it all starts with an idea

We've all had that moment. You're in the midst of an issue, and looking for a different way to address it. An idea comes to you, it might not be perfect yet, but you know you're onto something.

You try the idea with your class

The idea you come up with to solve the issue doesn't go as smoothly as you had imagined. But like any innovator, you have a strong desire to see your idea work. So, you go back to the drawing board. You revisit a few things, tweak them, and try again.

Then, after a few changes, your idea works.

You can actually see the light bulbs go off in the minds of your students. Little flickers of light behind their eyes.

These are the moments, we as educators, live for.

This is why we are in the field of education.

There is an ocean of students that could benefit from your idea.

If you set your idea loose, you could have a positive impact on more students in one year than in an entire lifitime of teaching!

Using the collaborative power of Edmodo, we are opening up a new era of sharing ideas that has never before been possible for our network of teachers.

The Bright Spots group on Edmodo allows you to share out your classroom hacks, ideas, and to have stimulating conversations with other CSUSA teachers who are out there innovating!

innovate and inspire

Starting in October, we will be highlighting the best ideas each month, sharing your ideas across the network and through our social media platforms! Your idea not only could inspire other teachers across the CSUSA network, but potentially thousands of other educators around the world!

At the end of the year, we will recognize the CSUSA Bright Spot Educator that had the largest impact on our network.

In addition, you will also receive prizes, sponsored by our vendors.

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