Message From Our Principal, Mr. Ullivarri

In order to make sure all students are prepared for a safe, smooth, and staggered return, Mr.Ullivarri has explained all the reopening of schools procedures in the video below.

Campus Map

In order to facilitate navigation throughout the school campus with the new social distancing guidelines, a map has been created to clearly outline routes that students can follow.

If you wish to download these images, click the button below.

Navigating The One-Way Halls

In order to ensure the safety of all Gables' students, halls have been re-designed to allow for one-way pathways. CavsTV has created several videos helloing student's navigate through the commonly used passageways.

Getting From The Main Building To The 9 Building 

Getting To The Main Building From The Lejeune Parking Lot

Accessing the DEH & Math Hallways From The Bird Road Entrance

Additionally, Ricky G has created a cheat sheet for all students to utilize in which the process of entering and exiting each hall is outlined.

Updated A/B Schedule

Due to the unforeseen Teacher Planning Day on October 2, 2020, the A/B schedule has been updated.

If you wish to download the calendar, click the button below.

Bus Routes

For students who have opted to take the school bus, a tutorial has been created to ensure that everyone knows how to check their corresponding bus route.


Students are heavily encouraged to bring the following items in order to facilitate their transition to the traditional brick and mortar schoolhouse delivery model:

Water Bottle: Most of the water fountains on campus have been retrofitted as water bottle filling stations to prevent the spread of any germs. Therefore, students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle which they could easily access without leaving the classroom.

Headphones: As most teachers will continue teaching through an electronic device even while physically present, it is important to bring headphones to avoid any echos or distractions while in class.

Umbrella: Due to the fact that our only roofed walkways on campus are currently under construction, students are encouraged to bring an umbrella for transition in-between classes on a rainy day.

Hand Sanitizer: Although all teachers have been provided hand sanitizer it is recommended that students bring a personal one, which they can utilize periodically throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we transition into this phase two reopening, parents and students alike have had a plethora of questions. In order to ease some of this confusion, CavsConnect has compiled a list of frequently asked questions along with their answers.

What To Expect The First Day Back

Upon the physical return to campus, students will be greeted with some new safety changes to our campus, including but not limited to: directional arrows, posters reminding students to wear a mask, one way only halls and a two person limit in the bathrooms.