Vacation Amya hamilton

Amazing, cool, enjoyed, awesome, stunning

Atlanta is an amazing to go for a vacation. I actually went to Atlanta December 2015 and it was stunning. I got to see a lot if different things such as Martin Luther King Jr.'s monument, the house he was raised in , his wife Corettas monument, and such cool things like so. The hotel we stayed in was totally awesome. There was basically a mall attached to it , all types of restaurants, and they even had like sort of diamond shaped elevators. While we were there , we got to see so much , we even went to two black history museums . We also went to like a circle center mall where the stores weren't in like a building but like set up as if the stores here in Anderson such , Walmart, big lots, hobby lobby etc. I enjoyed myself a lot and would love to go back for a vacation.

Beautiful !

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