IGNITE YOUR VISION let Your heart lead you into THE future

Happy New You!

2019 is here whether you are ready or not!

There is absolutely nothing you or anyone else can do about the newness of life. Whether it be a new year, new relationship, new business or something else.

It is my offer that you serve yourself well and just relax into the newness and enjoy the greatness to come.

Do you have a clear vision of your future?

Do you believe in the idea that your thoughts and emotions are connected to your future?

See you think 60 to 70 thousands thoughts per day.

About 90% are the same thoughts you had the day before. Why is this important?

If you believe your thoughts which activates your feelings - are connected to your life, future, and your reality - then those same thoughts are connected to your choices and habits.

And guess what? Those choices and habits lead to the same experiences and emotions. Which ultimately lead you back to the same thoughts.

That's a bit confusing, right. Well, consider that is the way you are living your life - in a confusing state when it comes to your thoughts. Could this state of being be the main reason you have not created your greatest desire in life?

So, if you believe thoughts and feelings create your reality, are you changing your life each day? No, if your thoughts haven't change!

Are you thinking, acting, and feeling in ways that is creating the opposite of what you desire - while secretly wanting change and a new personal reality?

If you want a new personal reality, a new life, you have to start thinking about what you been thinking about - and change it.

You must pay attention to habits and modify them.

Start observing the thoughts that trigger the emotions that you live by every single day - many of which are connected to your past.

And, decide if the emotions align with the future you desire.

If not, become aware of your thoughts, observe them closely, and pay attention to how you feel in any given moment.

Set the intention to feel good!

Amplify the good that you are already!

Many of you will no doubt have a desire to start from the beginning.

So, what are your dreams? Were you born to be a mother, singer, dancer, entrepreneur, swimmer, model, or something else?

Let the little girl inside of you create those dreams, hopes, and desires wanting to beam with light and expression to the world.

Happy New Year! Happy New You!

Connecting back to the heart of your little girl. The place where all of your dreams, passions, and purpose still lies.

Take care to pay attention to how you feel and create joyful days.

Are you a swimmer afraid to swim?

Let's do deeper into the water and waves of your vision to build momentum around your greatest desire.

Take a Breathe!

Always be gentle with yourself.

Women entrepreneurs masterminding!

Re-Imagining and creating possibilities for their life.

Feminine Power and Presence!

The purity and innocence of your inner children!

Let her out to play without any limitations.

Legends are born everyday.

Most have to fine tune their gifts before creating at their highest, genius self.

Beauty from without can only be created from freedom within.

It does not have to be hard.

Began now to create from the present and future, and not from the past.

Consider participating in one of my monthly Vision Re-Imagined retreats.

The tools and practices provided will surely support you in mastering your mind and emotions in ways that align with your greatest desire.

The next retreat is scheduled for February 9, 2019.

Ignite and reclaim your life in 2019!

Contact me at Info@coachingtotheheart.org, if interested in receiving more information.

or, if you know this is for you, hit the payment button below. I will send you additional information after your payment of $117 is made.

You have my permission to share this information with all of your friends and family members.

To Your Life,


Created By
Diana Curtis


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