The 3-2-1. Tech @ CSD: News & Tips for Teachers

Today is Sunday, April 16, 2017. Welcome back! Hope your Spring Break was delightful! This edition will be brief!

On these pages, you'll find:

  • the TOP 3 technology ideas we're thinking about this week,
  • 2 TIPS to help things work a little better in your classroom, and
  • the SINGLE issue that is keeping us from technological greatness.

This week's TOP3.

  • Achieving technological greatness: An update on the survey. A few more of you opted to complete our Spring Tech Survey before Break. We're going to go ahead and close it at the end of this week. One more chance to tell us off or give us some direction for the coming year . . . Otherwise, we make the tech world in our own image.
  • Tech 4 Testing: Before the Break, Lil Ang and I sat down to puzzle out testing demands for Chromebooks. We have a tentative plan to finalize tomorrow, and we'll post it here next week and have it available for staff meeting this week. In general, we think the short answer is that we can juggle all online testing with key classroom and big event needs.
  • Making Teacher WiFi Logons Easier: Joe and I had a very productive meeting with the Nucentric folks just before Break. The good news is that we think we will be in a position to roll out a new teacher logon for WiFi next year that will allow the network to recognize you when you walk in the building and automatically enroll you in the network for the day. Stay tuned... we're almost there!


  • (From last week & continuing through May) Reusing those old, creepingly slow desktops: Remember that if you're now using a new Chromebook as your teacher device, we plan to do a round-up of the desktop monsters in your resource rooms and classrooms this summer. Please make sure you've moved critical files that you saved locally (C:// drive) to the Google Drive before the beginning of June. We will spend the summer rebuilding the desktops that can be saved and repurpose them as drivers for Promethean Boards, projectors and attendance kiosks in your rooms.
  • Remember that you may see the zScaler bypass window this week: We often see the bypass window more frequently when we return from a break. When you see the screen below, remember that the user name in this case is Password is at the front desk if you don't recall it.
User Name as entered has tons of typos


MISSED It by that much.

I'm not finished with visits to the 6th and 7th grade teams. My schedule got interrupted by student meetings I need to do with independent study students and interns at high school. I'll be back right after Spring Break.

Don't forget: wired pcs and laptops, CSD.local domain, wireless or wired Internet connection, etc. AND SEND A SCREENSHOT!!!!!! (Know that we will poke back and insist on a screenshot. It is the most efficient way to help us diagnose what's up.)

Tech Team Students are available for triage and diagnosis ONLY. Please do not tempt them to make changes to your device! They remain on provisional licenses only!

See you next week!
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