A Divine Experience By Colt Pauley

Spatial Experience

The theater felt very cozy and compact. However, I never felt like the theater was small or cramped. I had never been inside of the auditorium or the theater before and they were visually pleasing with nice decorative pieces and furniture. My seat location was right in the middle of the theater vertically and horizontally. I believe I was in one of the best spots to experience the play and the whole set was within my peripheries. I have rarely been to plays as they are not really in my interests, but there is always a bit of excitement when the lights dim and everyone becomes very quiet. The role of place plays an important part in the Good Life. It is the basis of how a person perceives the world around them and others that are there with them.

Social Experience

I went to the performance on my own but that was of no issue to me. I did not really do anything extra special in order to get ready for the performance besides put on some nicer clothes than my normal day to day apparel. If I had gone with friends I believe the experience would have been more enjoyable because you have others to share that experience with. It is essential for people to share experiences with each other. They help one another learn about events and items without having to actually go and experience it themselves.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The issue addressed in the play was a young mans conflict with telling the truth about the catholic church to put a criminal away or to tell a lie and secure a prosperous future for his family. I knew nothing about the subject matter before I attended the performance, I purposely did no reading on it in order to be less biased towards anything. My views on what the catholic church has done to young men in the past has not changed from the play. It has probably strengthened it if anything. This particular subject matter has absolutely nothing to do with my personal life fortunately. I can make no connections to it on that level but I can imagine what a situation like that can do to a person.

Emotional Experience

In the aspect of katharsis, the protagonist Talbot is absolutely torn about coming clean about what has happened to him. Throughout the entire play he is dealing with this silent internal struggle that entails major rewards as well as burdens no matter which decision he chooses. This struggle can be transferred over to any audience member that may interpret it in whichever way they feel like. They may have something else similarly pressing in their lives that they need to come clean about.

Picture Citations: http://www.uff.ufl.edu/Facilities/images/BuildingWebPhotos/McGuire%20Center%20Outside.jpg




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