Data as a Single Story EDFE3200F Content into Practice

LEARNING GOAL: We are learning to reflect on how we come to ‘know’ students

LEARNING GOAL: We are learning to reflect on connections between data sets and single stories – examining biases inherent in data collection and analysis

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I'm looking for constructive conversations and dialogue about data and stories

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I'm looking for critical thinking, demonstrated through conversations, posts and products

“.... listening ... requires not only open eyes and ears, but open hearts and minds. We do not really see through our eyes or hear through our ears, but through our beliefs ... It is not easy, but it is the only way to learn what it might feel like to be someone else and the only way to start the dialogue.” --Lisa Delpit

DATA is Numbers and Numbers don't lie... right?

Draw a line of best fit on your graph.

Is the graph increasing or decreasing?

What might that mean in the context of this situation?

Does data give us the complete story?

Whose benefits from this version of the story? Who is disadvantaged?

Who is silenced, misrepresented, or less represented by or in this story?

Who authors the story?

What is the content of the story?

Who narrates the story?

Strength-Based Stories

  • “Having potential” as opposed to “at-risk”
  • Students and families have strengths, resources and resiliency
  • Opportunities, hope and solutions – not just problems and hopelessness
  • Power in students to help themselves
  • Supporters are partners, rather than experts
  • Working with and facilitating, rather than fixing

Hammond, 2010

Data for what purpose?

Data to confirm deficits in students?


Data to see strengths in students?

Read two policy documents and comment on them on the Moodle on or before Tuesday. Before class, comment on two postings from your peers. Keep postings and comments as short as you can with meaning.

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