Crocodiles by ava grace dijkers

  1. Introdution
  2. How to recognize a crocodile
  3. What they eat
  4. What is their habitat
  5. How to swim and move
  6. Conclusion

Have you ever wondered about a crocodile? Well, they are an alligators cousin. That means they are alike. When you see something bumpy and with moss on it in crocodiles habitat do not step on it what is it a crocodile! Like every single animal a crocodile is on top of the food chain . Are you even more interested in crocodiles now? If you are please read this book.

Zebras and fish are things a crocodile eats.

Crocodiles don't eat any thing specific . They eat just about any thing that goes near them, like zebras and fish and much more. They will eat just about any thing even things as big as them selves. Even baby crocodiles bite or it lest try. So don't get near a crocodile it might bite you.

A crocodile in the water.

Crocodiles live near water. Crocodiles live in mossy parts of the climate. Some crocodiles live in the amazon rain forest. They live in the amazon rain forest because it has water and a perfect temperature. So crocodiles are comfy living in mossy places, like we are comfortable in your house.

A crocodile gliding through the water.

Just like we walk, crocodiles swim to move. Their tails help them swim smoothly through the water. Sometimes when they swim up and straight out of the water. When they do that there tails go side to side

A crocodile up close.

So you know where a crocodile lives which is the amazon rain forest. What they eat, how to swim, how to recognize a crocodile. So now you are an expert too!


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