How you write a great book Natavia Patterson


How do you write a good story , How many ways can you write a story ,Why is writing important. Those are great questions because I love to write and I want you to learn how to make your book a great book. I have three questions to answer.

Chapter 1 : How many ways can you write a story ?

Do you want to help me with these questions? First one is How many ways can I write a story? Is that a great question June ? ¨Yes it is but I don't know the answer ,do you?¨Yes I do go check that box over there ¨This one¨yes that one ,there are ways you can write your stories.

You can make a story mountain

Box and Bullets

First draft and final draft

Never ever copy someone's work as your own work


A story mountain is well it starts at introduction then rising action then the climax then flling then resoltion.Box and bullets is a thinking method of much you know if your writing a history book you would use box and bullets.


That some famous writers thinks of something in his or hers life to make the stories they make!

Chapter 2: How do you write a story ?

Do you have any other questions? ¨Yes me ¨okay go on¨How do you write a story.¨June do you have a answer ¨Yes I do...there are four different ways ¨

You Plan first

First draft

Second draft

Final draft

¨That is how you know that this is the text you want for your book¨.Thank you June that was a great question and you gave a great answer.Planning is planning out characters if there are characters in your story ,what the setting is in your story! Who is you main character? Every book has a main character.First draft is when you first write out your story so you can change somethings in your second draft. Your final draft is all the that is what i want for my story and there has been so many changes to the story.So you know you want that as your story.

Chapter 3: Why is writing important?

Anymore questions that June or I can answer, you in the back¨Why is writing important ?¨That is a great question does June know the answer¨Yes ...yes i do ,the answer is writing is so very important, We write every day it is a everyday thing. How do you think that we do plays , movies ,and read books? How does your mom or dad get their paycheck? People write plays and movies scripts even your mom and dad's paychecks and the books you read so, that is why writing is, so very important.” People write all around the world they even those books down below


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