My Dairy Through The Oregon Trail By: I.A

Dear Dairy,April 19,1843

Today is the day to go out for a journey, well a 4-6 month journey with my family.Me,Hope,Alysa,Kaylee,Mom,and my Dad we are all going on the Oregon Trail with other families.My dad is a banker which he makes a lot of money so that we can go on this trip also.My mom got this little notebook so I can write when I get bored but from that me and my family are going out to get some supplies.What I think what we are getting at the store is 700 pounds of bacon,25 pounds of salt and pepper to make sure that our meat stays fresh,75 pounds of coffee,4 oxen because they are the cheapest and natives wont steal them and if something goes wrong we can always et them,2 wagon wheels,1 axel,blankets,5 seats of clothing,2 guns with 5 boxes of ammo,200 pounds of beans,120 pounds of biscuits to make Johnny cakes,And cooking utensil.We are leaving tomorrow which I cant wait for but me and my family have to get up early lets say around 6:00 then we will have about an hour to pack up the wagon, and also so mother can make breakfast and do the dishes.

Dear Dairy 20, 1843

I did not want to wake up from the softness of my bed, as i quickly get my dress on and help my father get the things in the wagon, then i help my mother with the breakfast we are having Johnny cakes if you don't know what Johnny cakes are they are mix with water and flour they are really good.Also with bacon as I look outside it was still dark and i am pretty sure we woke some neighbor hood dogs.Well it was good bye Independence and "Hello Oregon trail" I tried to think of the positives about things instead of the bad things that would happen like thief's and Indians.But the one thing that really worries me is that how are we going to be able to go through the Rocky Mountains.Also the very deep rivers that we have to go through which I worried that we will lose stuff in the river.We can't get a boat then we lose days and our group to wait for the boat but I know that we can find a way through it.The things that we do in the wagon is sometimes me and my sisters play dolls or read books.But I mostly like to help my dad with the oxen and make sure that they don't get injured.Or sometimes I help my mom with cooking I love to help cook we use this little oven called a dutch oven to make bread.

Dear Diary April 24,1843

Today we pass through the The Kansa River Crossing but something terrible happen today has we ford our oxen in the river my sister Alysa felled in the river.She drowned my father tried to grab her hand but it was already to late.After that Accident we were almost there to our next stop which it was Fort Kearny we had to stop there to get supplies but mostly food and flour.We were hoping to trade Alysa stuff for some food but instead we trade it in for 1 cattle,25 pounds of food,And 1 piece of clothing.It was a really good thing that we got more pieces of clothing because we can trade that with the Indians for vegetables and fish and maybe for some help crossing the river.I hope we don't lose anyone else on the trail I don't think i can live without my mother or any of my sisters.But its okay we only have about 1,567 miles to go well i need to go help my mother with dinner talk to you soon.

Dear Dairy,May 2nd 1843

We lost our trial and I also lost my mother Last night as we slept my mother got a snakebite when she woke up this moring she felled on to her knees and did'nt wake up.

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