Divine Activation Day A 1-Day Business Immersion Experience

Heaven on Earth is Here. It's Arrived.

Do you feel it?

I know sometimes you do. Sometimes you look around - heart swole and full with gratitude for the amazing and epic life you've co-created with the Universe.

And still, you have days you wonder why you're doing what you're doing. Moments you feel unseen, unheard, and unappreciated - by the very people you serve.

There are times you feel overburdened by other peoples' problems, whether they're your lover's or your clients' or your kids'.

When's the Last Time You Took an ENTIRE Day Out of Office Just For YOU?

Not only that, when have you spent a whole day one-on-one with a mentor receiving codes and activations to fulfill your soul's mission?

After all, your unique purpose is the ONLY thing that will bring you lasting joy, peace, and bliss. It's the only thing that will bring you Lasting Love.

Fulfilling your soul's mission is what you came here to do.

Imagine you're looking at a display of decadent desserts.

There are many mouth-watering options. You may've tasted a few, and not one has fully appeased your divine taste buds.

Do you know how it feels - when texture and smell and taste collide - in a soul-sandwich of ecstasy in your mouth?

Your life's purpose is calling to you like the finest dessert that will fulfill you to the depths of your bones. You're ready to discover your dharma. To live out your soul's mission in this lifetime. You wouldn't have landed on this page if you weren't.

So Join Me.

Clock out of your work load and into your heart.

Step out of the trenches, and discover, the war's over. Heaven on Earth is here. And you're ready to rise and embody your fullest divine expression.

Let me guide you back into yourSelf.

It's time to show up fully, just as you are, to your very own Divine Activation Day: A 1-Day Business Immersion Experience for the Successful Soulpreneur.

What You'll Receive:

  • Business Codes and Activations - Take your sacred service to transcendental levels. Get crystal clear on your passions and purpose. Shape solid plans from the stillness of your heart. Make inspired moves.
  • Money Consciousness Upgrades - Free yourself from financial fear and remember the divine bank account is YOURS. Receive high-value, high-paying, highly-committed clients simply by breathing and being.
  • Soul Remembrance - It's time to deep dive into past life regressions, inner child work, or whatever comes through as your ideal next journey inward. We'll clear the clutter so you remember the truth about the Divine Beauty you've always been.

What You'll Experience:

  • Moose Jaw's Finest - Every Divine Activation Day features at least one meal prepared by myself or one of our gourmet restaurants, and at least 90-minutes of free time for exploring our interesting underground tunnels, sexy nature, restorative Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, or historic downtown.
  • Mind-Expanding Exercises - Do you have a clear, written vision statement for your business? Eff the classic mind-based paragraph: allow me to guide you through heart-centred visualizations and writing techniques to see the vaster vision of what's possible for you and your clients. I'll even share fun ice-breakers you can take back to your own events.
  • More More More - MORE joy. MORE bliss. MORE of everything you've been calling in. This day is designed to give you a new reference point for what's possible for you: body, mind, spirit, and business. You'll leave completely changed, and you'll create from a place of deep alignment with your truest essence. The results you'll receive after this day can be unparalleled.


  • 5-Hour Accelerated Activation - for the Thrifty Travelling Gypsy passing through town. Engage in deep soul work, business development, and money upgrades. Get in. Get it done. Get out.
  • 7-Hour Enhanced Experience - for the Entrepreneur who likes to take The Middle Way. Seven hours of customized growth and enchantment. Go further into what you're longing to create.
  • 9-Hour Deep Dive - for those who like to rock. For those who want to do all their healing in one day. For those who want rapid results. (This package can be split over an evening and a morning/afternoon the following day.)
It's time to embody your truest essence. It's time to lead fully and freely. It's time to share with the world All That You Are.

It Is Time. Heaven on Earth is here.

Will you join me in this new and yet ancient dimension?


Created By
Brittney Bergen


Unsplash, Emma Love Photography

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