Deacon Jim is rerouting his first project that consisted of a full length Cd called " www.deaconjim.comGet to to know me". His sites are now focused on a band and a list of singles..Deacon Jim explains. " Cd's was cool, but remember. I been out of the waters for 13 yrs far as my personal productions go". As far as this time around Deacon Jim seems focused and seems as he has actually found his Identity as well as a kick ass sound . DKM out of Ohio is his producer at least for 6 more songs .Dkm is also full fulling his spot in the rap world. Deacon Jim said " God must bee on my side this time,everything seems to be falling in place, I got back in the game with friends Bryan Jenkins and Terry (Big CIXX) Anderson Bryan and I split ways after 6 months of business,none one was mad it was all business related,We still friends and I will still record with him . . He was headed down on road and me another our musical styles don't match he is laid back ,mild manner ,country boy that drinks shine down a back road..Where I am loud and fouled Mouth , I drink beer and tend to party every now and again, from the streets really but cant stand to be deep in the woods.I am Country but I dont fall in the stereo type country boy, Country folk I know is actually POOR and have been ,we dont got 70,000 to put in the mud or woods, after spending 70 thousand I better not see no mud. I dont ride four wheeler's I got 6 kids I cant afford it.I brim fish and that is all my redneck skills, I have split firewood , ate Honey suckles , pickle some food and canned some shit just depends on what you look at as country. I been to Goat neck and POSSUM VALLEY ." When ask about his music he replied " I make music about my life or what I've seen.I Am not a story writer. I write songs to have a good time or release pain, I dont care if no one likes it or hears it ,its for me, Now i love the fact that people are digging it and it helps but I'm not concerned what the critics have to say ,FUCK em" WE ask Deacon Jim What is his definition of success ? he replied "If I can pay my lights,water and gas,to me thats successful..lmao.'

Deacon Jim's unique style is from a life time of musical influence's ,Born in Dallas ,TX raised in Arkansas,Growing up with his adopted family after meeting his adopted family he learned that his biological family was into music and this must be why he cant shake the monkey on his back ...MUSIC ...its his blood he claims...spending 16-17 hours a day in the studio for a job thats not even feeding family , Deacon Jim says ,Its either in you or it aint, this is not for everyone, first you gotta get the stars out of you eyes and realize this is a job 7 days a week all year and unless you are well off you will work 16 or 17 hours a day , theirs lil time for thee family or anything the music business must be a part of damn near everything you breath,eat and shit out,and unless you have a very strong ,secure woman by your side like I do a relationship will not survive. its very demanding and competitive fast paced ," Deacon Jim got his first radio at age 7 ,He said he would fall asleep dreaming that was him on the radio . So far that has not come true but still dreams about it.

I don't follow Rules to Good

His adopted family seemed a lot better said Deacon Jim "least we didn't have to eat out the trash can" but he said the abuse was intolerable so he ran away every chance he could and got use to the jail system at a early age, as he would intentionally to get sent away .Deacon Jim said he could fight the kids at diff reformatories ,group homes and jail,but you fight a grown 23 yr vet military Sargent with a quick temper and bad attitude stayed ready to fight he was blunt and very rude,but we made amen after i got married and moved off , the dad I was looking for came around then, he died in my arms ,I still miss him, even though i talk of the pain i endured I am not mad at him i wanna clear that up cause i see where some one might not understand my concept.From that pain came a unusual relationship between him and then hippie Steve Williams . Deacon Jim would run to Steve after being either physically abused by his father or sexually molested by his neighbor, He says Steve would set him on his grandmas porch or on a car and Play his guitar and sing to him. " I would get lost I would lay back and listen to his words and stare at the sky I was lost in time for a moment. He would drink beer and smoke a joint and make me feel comfortable. I'd leave with my confidence and dignity restored. Then i d hit the hood while I was me again,The Hood ,I was on the West Side my whole life and still am till i die thats me Now my kids are following after me. , i did it becuase thats all I had was Davenport Street and The west side ,my home was on St.paul street,the way i was looked at was i as such a Troublemaker, Thief ,Trouble maker and a N....r lover .thief,Brutally Honest ,Thief.problem child ,liar,awe shit you done did it now type dude,but what it was , was that every time someone took a piece of my spirit away I had to have something of theirs so if i did nothing else i waited till night time and sneak out go to my spirit killers house ,Back then everybody kept 32 ounce 6 pack of 32 ounce pop and I d help my self weather they seen me or not.Id pop the first one and try to down it so i would at least get one in before they came chasing,then i stole them 3 cars , then I stopped stealing after reform school ,i was a trouble maker cause i didn't give a shit..I didn't have shit to lose i was getting e few beatings a day and looking at old balls that stank. Any where was better than where I was at . At school i was lower class cause i was trouble making ,low-class thief, so hardly any of the white folks fucked wit cause of my reputation,the black kids never give a shit talk about my troubles they was like JIMI you are ruining our fun time let that stress go and ply we will talk later.." and they was nice and respectful and stood up for me thats was where i was comfortable with the black folks which back then wasn't to kool it just added another label on to me. .never bothered me in fact thats still where i can be me. but i got friends of all types, It's about respect and how you carry yourself..I try to be respectful . hitting the hood i started rapping soon as i heard RUN Dmc . So you got Steve as a influence and Rap .That's my roots. I lean toward Aerosmith cause Micheal Sangster use to jam it in a lil band him and tony or Terry Hoyle had . I have always had a studio video or audio . I had a illegal or a Pirate Radio for a while till it got shut down..I had em jamming there ass off was giving away beer ,had fun with it .but local radio station owner Jimi Sledge went on the man hunt for me I was able to duck for 3 days he finally caught me and gave me a ultimatum Icouldn't refuse. so i went on a rampage against JIMI the next 3 days then shut her down .The drunker i got and talked shit the more my phone would ring .

Fuck WHo dont like my choice of words, I'm not ignorant I dont run out of words I just like to CUSS.


DEACON Jim has had alias names before Lil jimi . Deacon Jim said he got his name before there was any rap out. I had a brother that was Jimmy Miller i was Jimi Miller so he was Big Jim I was lil Jim .so i used that .but now i had a very intrusted discovery bout my past that made wanna use the name of Deacon Jim Miller HTTP:// So I am gonna do my best to stay true to me and my fans and hope I'm successful so i can provide for my wife n kids.

I had several albums out under Lil Jimi.Deacon Jimi Miller starts a new chapter in my life , a new me and a new career path . I have 3 songs out so far "Child abuse" "SO HARD" & "MODERN OUTLAW" after that " American Outlaw" will be released and it will be available at all Major Digital download sites.

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james Miller

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