A chill is in the air Winter weather is on the way

Winter is here!

The air is cold. A few flakes of snow have started swirling. Kids are getting excited about the idea of sledding, building snowmen, making snow angels and throwing snowballs. It's a cozy time of year with fires burning in fireplaces, coats and mittens hanging up ready to be worn, and kids wrapped up in fuzzy warm blankets drinking hot chocolate. Families and homes are ready for winter.

So what's happening at Zionsville Community Schools in preparation for winter? Every area of the district plans for the arrival of cold weather. Long before the first freeze or the first snowflake, the facilities and transportation departments are gearing up for challenging weather to implement the highest level of safety measures. The ZCS staff works tirelessly to ensure students are safe during the cold, winter months.

What happens in the Facilities and Transportation Departments to prepare for winter?

We visited the facilities and transportation departments to let them explain to you what goes on behind the scenes to prepare for winter at Zionsville Community Schools.

Watch what we are doing at ZCS to get ready for winter!

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