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One of the causes of exploration is curiosity. Curiosity drove people like Christopher Columbus to explore and discover new things. But it was also when Spain needed resources Columbus was ordered by the king and queen of Spain to retrieve more materials. Resources were also discovered do to the minerals that they wanted. For an example the people of Spain were intrigued by spices. That drove Columbus and other explorers to find more.

Another example of what caused exploration is technology. Explorers weren’t able to get threw some of the harsh environments with regular beat up ships. They knew that if they wanted to explore more that they would need better equipment. There for they created better ships with better weapons that carry more materials and resources. One example of the ships was named the caravel. This ship had many uses. These ships could carry from cargo to fish. They weren’t very big but were very useful for carrying materials.

There were many effects caused by exploration, two of them being slavery and diseases. Because of the exploration and people traveling to other countries not knowing what people or illnesses are in the country, the diseases were spread to the explorers and the sent back to what other country they came from. The second affect that was caused by exploration was slavery. Slavery was caused do to when people would explore new countries and then make natives work them and ten ship them back to Spain.

Another effect that was caused by exploration was religion. This was a huge effect do to the fact that today people are affected by it. When the natives were forced into slavery they were forced to change their religion or be killed. This affected many people in today’s world do to this event.



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