My name is Szaddiah McKenzie. I was born Sunday July ninth 2006. I have one sister we are 4 years 4 weeks and 3 days apart. We had many fun memories together. We went to parks. We flew kites and ad a great time. After she had asked for me she realized that babies can be annoying.

Between the ages of maybe 8 months to the age of 5 I had went on many different trips. At the age of five I was in school. Kindergarten was really fun we had snack time nap time and even platy time. In first grade it as also fun we did pumpkin experiments and a lot of other fun things. First grade was when I had my first field day we got to run through sprinklers and play bowling [ with the plastic ones].

In second grade it was also very fun, during Christmas time my class had got an elf on the shelf. After lunch we would go outside but before we went outside we would remember the spot where the elf was. When we came back from outside we would see that the elf on the shelf moved from the place it was before we had left. Me as a second grader I was so amused of the elf. As I would walk into the class room I would think the room was so magical.

At the age of ten I was in fifth grade. In the beginning of fifth grade I was happy because all my friends where in my class from third and fourth grade. I was not scared to go to fifth grade because I figured that all my friends will be in the same class as me. I was kinda sad because my very best friend wasn't in the same class as me. I known her since third grade. She also lives one house down from me. Which is kinda cool.

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