Industrial Revolution by Ari Moya

What was the Industrial Revolution?:

The industrial revolution was a time period in England where manufacturing exploded and made Great Britain the richest country in the world. Slave trade gave Britain the ability to produce its own items leading to a boom in production.

What Other Factors Caused the Industrial Revolution?:

Manchester Circa The Industrial Age

Urbanization was a major cause for the industrial revolution because there were more opportunities in the inner cities. Improvement in agriculture was the biggest reason because Crop Rotation allowed farmers to constantly have good harvest with different plants every year and not drain the nutrients of the soil.

Why Was England The Site of the Industrial Revolution?

England had a strong central bank with enough capital to support and fund the new machines while the aristocrats and the monarchs who were in charge of Britain also encouraged free markets. Britain had the natural resources that the factories would need to produce items making it the perfect spot for an economic boom to take place.

When Did It Take Place?

Many Historians say that it started in the 18th century around 1750 and peaked at its highest point by 1850.

What Products Were Huge During This Time Period?

The cotton industry was tremendous during the time of the industrialization. Receiving raw materials from Britain's colonies, turning them into cotton products, and then selling them back to the colonies made Britain a lot of money. This was called Mercantilism.

What Innovation Came Out of This Revolution?

A boom economically calls for new product and innovation to come out. Products such as the spinning jenny and the steam engine. The steam engine was incredible because Factories could receive a lot of power from steam engines and carriage rides were no longer needed because steam locomotives could go much faster. The spinning jenny was also just as fascinating because Yarn production was produced at rates never seen before and helped the cotton industry tremendously.


Other countries soon caught on this movement that Britain and soon those countries were industrial revolutions of their own. The United States had their own and without we would not have the economy that we have now.

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