Reusable Water Bottles StePhan de smidt and felipe Godinez

For this proyect we will show the importance of using reusable water bottles not only for the world but for the health benefits they bring. Reusable water bottles do not have BPA which is the best regarding healthcare. We will use this presentation to show the habits that people eith reusable water bottles do vs the ones who dont own one.

Alexia Palma shows her reusable water bottle while Felipe Godinez show a BPA contaminated one.
Possible places in Lincoln School to fill in your bottle.

The reusable water bottle woks with the environment and portrays saving plants.

Lincoln School teacher Andres Viales fills in his water bottle at a public fountain.
Lincoln Students Juliana Herrera and Matias Davila show what they do in their daily life while in school.

Interview to: Matias Davila

Interview to: Juliana Herrera

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