Going gluten free By sonja

"What even is gluten?"

Gluten is a substance found in wheat, barley, rye and malt products. Even though it's hard to avoid in the last few years gluten free has been becoming much more popular. When I became gluten free 7 years ago there was barely anything now being gluten free is almost easy.

"Even though most pasta products contain wheat there is great replacements available."
"Why do people even want to become Gluten free"

Some people become gluten free as a healthier way of living. For some people they have an intolerance to it where it upsets their stomach. Other people like me have an autoimmune disorder called celiac where gluten is basically a poison to the body.

"There is many great brands and this one is one of the bests."
"Does It tasTe good?"

Yes, it is generally good but sometimes the food isn't so good it depends on what flour is used in the product itself.

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