Dionysus by: Caine RAymond

Dionysus was a Greek god of fertility and wine. He had a dual nature, he could bring joy and divine ecstasy, he also could bring brutal and blinding rage. He was the son of Zeus and Semele. Dionysus is the only god with a mortal parent. Dionysus was one of the few characters to be able to bring dead people back alive.

Dionysus was the god of wine and fertility.

Three traits Dionysus had: Dionysus was talented because he could shape shift into anything he wanted to (Greek.mrdonn.org). He was also very brilliant becausae he tricked the pirates into jumping into the ocean when he shape shifted. “Dionysus waited until the ship had reached very deep water. He pushed the ropes off his body. At the same time, thick vines surged from the sea and entangled the ship. Dionysus shape shifted into a lion. He roared and sprang on the terrified pirates. Some jumped overboard to avoid his claws and teeth” (Greece.mrdonn.org). He was also confident. He was confident because he asked a woman he just met to marry him. “"You poor thing," Dionysus said with great sympathy. He immediately asked the lovely young Ariadne to marry him” (Greece.mrdonn.org).

Theme of Dionysus: I think the theme of Dionysus's myth was that even when people die there still here with us. I think this because they say he could bring people back from the dead. (greekmythology.com). This shows that ancient Greeks valued their dead people and still cared for them.

Discussion Statement: Dionysus was the best god there was for the ancient Greeks.


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